Student Press Freedom Day 2023

February 23 is Student Press Freedom Day!

In the United States and across the world, freedom of speech and the freedom of the press are under attack. That assault is best exemplified by the U.S. government’s effort to extradite Julian Assange to stand trial in the Eastern District Court of Virginia for the crime of journalism. If that occurs, he will face 175 years in prison for doing what any good publisher is called upon to do; tell the truth. As the future generation of newsmakers and muckrakers, it’s up to us to stand up to demand Assange’s freedom, and the protection of journalists everywhere who speak truth to power. 

What can you do to help?

  1. Write a Letter to the Editor – One of the best ways to help spread the word is to write a Letter to the Editor (LTE) to your local newspaper. Averaging about 250 words, the message should be concise and positive and should inform the reader of the criminalization of journalists and publishers like Julian and how we all must stand together against it. 
  1. Write an opinion piece – An opinion essay (op-ed) is a long-form written article you can submit to a local or national paper. Averaging 500-750 words, this narrative should focus on raising awareness for the continued attack on Assange and truthtellers across the globe. It should also aim to persuade readers of the dangers continued censorship and prosecution of journalists and publishers pose to freedom of speech. (Here are some examples.)
  2. Host a panel discussion – You can organize a panel with members of the Assange Defense team and other experts to engage in an open discussion on the criminalization of the free press, Julian’s case, the protection of our freedom of speech, and more. You can get in touch with a local organizer to help facilitate this. (Check out some of our previous events here.)
  3. Start an Assange Defense chapter at your school — we’d love to help you start a student branch of Assange Defense! Email our organizing director Vinnie DeStefano and we’ll get you on your way.

Let us know how you’re standing up for press freedom!

Student Press Freedom Day Events