Assange Evidence Files

The Assange Evidence Files is an overview of essential evidence and key arguments and facts in the case of persecuted WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange. The table of contents can be found below. The full set of files can be found here:

This document has been compiled by New Hampshire artist, Paula Iasella.

She has done so in response to the virtual blackout of information about Julian Assange in the U.S.

Her goal is to create an accessible entry point for Americans to scan information about this case ignored by the mainstream Western press.

She is alerting you to information in the form of articles, videos, books, tweets, and in some cases, testimony under oath covered by independent journalists, intellectuals, activists, and authors throughout the world.

She hopes this new understanding will encourage you to dig deeper into this case.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Paula at: