Daniel Ellsberg Assange Defense Co-Chair

Pentagon Papers whistleblower, co-chair of

Alice Walker Assange Defense Co-Chair

Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist, co-chair of

Noam Chomsky Assange Defense Co-Chair

Academic, activist, co-chair of

Nils Melzer

UN Special Rapporteur on Torture

Srećko Horvat

Philosopher, Co-founder of DiEM25

Oliver Stone

Film Director, Screenwriter, Film Producer, Author

Agnes Callamard

Director at Global Freedom of Expression at Columbia University, UN Special Rapporteur on Extra-Judicial Executions

Thomas Drake

Whistleblower, Former Senior Executive at U.S. National Security Agency

Alan Rusbridger

British Journalist

Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador

President of Mexico

Clive Stafford Smith

Founder of Reprieve, Human Rights Attorney

Trevor Timm

Executive Director at Freedom of the Press Foundation

Birgitta Jónsdóttir

Advisor in Digital Democracy

Ben Wizner

Director of the ACLU Speech, Privacy & Technology Project

Edward Snowden

Whistleblower, President at Freedom of the Press Foundation

Dr. Suelette Dreyfus

Researcher, Writer, Civil Society Engineer

Jeremy Scahil

Investigative Journalist

Mary Kostakidis

Australian Journalist

Mairead Maguire

Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Christophe Peschoux

Secretary of the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention

Glenn Greenwald

American Author, Attorney, and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist

Jeremy Corbyn

Former Leader of the Labour Party

Tor Ekeland

Computer Fraud and Abuse Act Lawyer

Dunja Mijatović

Commissioner for Human Rights, Council of Europe
Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
Amnesty International
PEN International
International Bar Association
Reporters Without Borders
Human Rights Watch
Article 19
National Union of Journalists
American Civil Liberties Union
OSCE Media Freedom Representative
Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press
Freedom of the Press Foundation
Free Press
European Centre for Press & Media Freedom
International Association of Democratic Lawyers
Doctors For Assange Initiative
The Committee to Protect Journalists
Doctors For Assange Initiative