Assange Defense Committee

A project of the Courage Foundation, the Assange Defense Committee is a national coalition fighting to free WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Comprising human rights defenders, press freedom advocates, civil liberties lawyers, and supporters across the United States, the Committee organizes public rallies, provides essential resources, and raises awareness about the unprecedented prosecution against Julian Assange and the threat it poses to the freedom of the press around the world.

In supporting journalists’ right to publish, the Assange Defense Committee is upholding the public’s right to know what its government is doing in its name.

The Committee calls for Julian Assange’s immediate release, charges to be dropped, safe passage to the secure location of his choosing, and compensation for the psychological torture and arbitrary detention he has endured.


Noam Chomsky

Alice Walker

Daniel Ellsberg

Advisory Board

Leading journalists, lawyers, whistleblowers, and human rights defenders advising the Assange Defense Committee. See our supporters page for high-profile individuals and organizations who are standing up for Assange’s right to publish and your right to know.

  • Jeffrey St. Clair
  • Marjorie Cohn
  • Thomas Drake
  • Nozomi Hayase
  • Chris Hedges
  • Matthew Hoh
  • Sam Husseini
  • John Kiriakou
  • Norman Solomon
  • David Swanson

Launch Event

Regional Branches



  • Patricia Dahl: Activist, Stand with Assange NY
  • Michael Smith: Host of WBAI show Law & Disorder Radio
  • Chuck Zlatkin: NYC Free Assange, Legislative & Political Director of the NY Metro Area Postal Union (APWU)


  • Bill Ayers: Distinguished Professor of Education and Senior University Scholar at the University of Illinois at Chicago (retired), host ‘Under the Tree: A Seminar on Freedom
  • Bernardine Dohrn: Clinical Associate Professor of Law, Northwestern University School of Law (retired)
  • Eric Harvey: Editor-in-Chief, The Reframer


  • Ann Batiza: Retired academic




  • Susan McLucas: Longtime Boston peace activist, organizer
  • Paula Iasella: Unity4J Free Assange activist, organizer in Greater Boston area