Home Run for Julian

The father and brother of award-winning Australian journalist Julian Assange are on a nationwide tour of the United States calling on the U.S. government to drop its prosecution and finally let Julian come home.

Tomorrow: Milwaukee, June 19th
10am-Noon | John & Gabriel Shipton
Sunburst Sculpture (The Calling)

John and Gabriel Shipton’s #HomeRun4Julian tour began in Miami on June 6. The Shiptons are scheduled to make stops on both coasts and the Midwest before concluding the tour in the nation’s capital.

Assange’s family members will meet with activists, press, and policymakers to raise awareness of the importance of protecting whistleblowers and journalists, and to advocate for the release of Julian Assange, whom the United Nations has declared “arbitrarily detained” since 2010.

See an ongoing playlist of event videos here
See press coverage highlights from the tour so far here

We’ll continue to update this page with event details, how to get involved, video content, and more. All times are local.

Video: Panel event
hosted by Jen Perelman
June 19th
10am-Noon | Featuring:
John & Gabriel Shipton
Sunburst Sculpture
(The Calling)
Video: Julian wins
2021 Sacco-Vanzetti Award
June 20th
New York
Video: Roger Waters, Chris Hedges, Aaron Maté, Randy Credico
Minneapolis / St Paul
June 21st
2pm | Panel: ESFL / Zoom RSVP
7pm | Rally: Highland Park Picnic Pavillion
: John & Gabriel Shipton at the First Amendment monument
June 23rd
5pm | Facebook
Washington D.C.
Video: Marianne Williamson, Chip Gibbons, & Ryan Grim
June 26th
Online panel
Video: Fidel Narvaez, John Kiriakou & Ray McGovern
San Francisco
June 27th
Columbus, OH
Video: Statehouse rally
Los Angeles
June 28-29th
Video: Kevin Gosztola, Jerome McDonnell
Chris Geovanis, Flint Taylor
Washington D.C.
June 30th-July 1st


Rally with Kevin Gosztola, Jerome McDonnell, Chris Geovanis, Flint Taylor

Columbus, Ohio

Ohio Statehouse, June 14, 2021

Washington D.C.

Panel discussion: John & Gabriel Shipton, Marianne Williamson, Ryan Grim & Chip Gibbons

Busboys & Poets, June 13, 2021

Jefferson Memorial

With Grayzone reporter Max Blumenthal

Jefferson Memorial, June 13, 2021

Online Panel: Separating Fact from Fiction

John & Gabriel Shipton, Fidel Narvaez, John Kiriakou, & Ray McGovern

Online, June 13, 2021


First Amendment Monument

June 11, 2021

New York City

Reception for John & Gabriel Shipton with Roger Waters, Chris Hedges, Aaron Maté, & Randy Credico

The People’s Forum in New York City, June 10, 2021


Julian Assange presented with the 2021 Sacco-Vanzetti Social Justice Award

Community Church of Boston, June 9, 2021
John & Gabriel Shipton speak with former presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein, in Boston. June 9, 2021


Panel event hosted by Jen Perelman, with Mara Shlackman, Scott Luxor, and Nicolas Davies

Earth ‘n’ Us Farm, June 6, 2021

Press Clippings

The Independent: ‘We’re feeling the momentum’: Julian Assange family says Reality Winner’s release raises fresh hope

“We’re feeling the momentum really build here, with the press that we’re getting, with all the people we’re getting speaking on our panels, and with this action in the DoJ,” Gabriel Shipton, 39, told The Independent, from Columbus, Ohio, after events in New York and Washington DC. “I think we’re feeling the momentum, and hopefully there’s a change.”

Fox News: ‘An Innocent Man Not Able To See His Family’: Julian Assange’s Father, Brother Speak Out On His Imprisonment

Law & Disorder Radio: Building Support To Free Wikileaks’ Julian Assange

John Shipton speaks with Michael Smith and Heidi Boghosian about the US tour to meet supporters and raise awareness about the case.

John Shipton, Julian Assange’s father
Listen here

The Australian: ‘Slow motion murder’: family’s race to free Assange

In Washington as part of a 17-city tour to campaign for Julian’s release, his father, John Shipton, said it was “grotesque” that nations were trumpeting human rights at the G7 meeting at Cornwall, in Britain, when Julian had been imprisoned for almost 13 years for publishing evidence of US war crimes in 2010.

“It’s worse than hypocritical, it’s grotesque,” Mr Shipton said on Sunday night in the US with his son Gabriel to help convince the Biden administration to drop attempts to extradite Assange to the US, where he faces 175 years in prison.

Gabriel, a filmmaker, said Julian’s situation was “dire”. “If he doesn’t get out he will die. We’re seeing the slow motion murder of a journalist. It will take sometime for him to get back to his usual self (if he gets out),” he said.

Democracy Now: “Julian Is Suffering”: Family of WikiLeaks Founder Assange in U.S. to Demand His Release from Prison